2010.07.12. Inferior Mirage Phenomenon (Zalaegerszeg, Hungary)

Demonstrating how the heated up air creates the optical phenomenon, called mirage, during a hot and sunny summer afternoon...

You can see the "wet road" first: it looks like there's water on the road, also it reflects the moving vehicles. Then I made 2 other short clips at the railway: check how the farer objects get distorted and the rails just "disappear"...

Read more about the Mirage optical phenomenon here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirage

Location: Zalaegerszeg, Hungary
Date: 2010.07.12. 16:15-17:28-17:30
Music: Painkiller Overdose Soundtrack, Cataclysm Music
Digicam: Fuji S8100fd

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inferior Mirage optical phenomenon

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